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The Last Meal on Haight-Ashbury and other short stories takes you from the sixties hung-over Haight-Ashbury to the guilt-ridden mind of a mother who feels relieved over the death of her special child. From the powdery white snows of Kanazawa to the dark, deceitful schemes of an antique dealer. There are tales of an incorrigible Casanova helping a couple on the brink of breaking up and those of a five-dollar bill changing the life of an advertising veteran with twenty years under his belt. A phone call goes awry in Napoli while a grandfather clock may prove to tell more than just time. Enjoy the twists and turns in the latest offering by the author of four-star rated Ten Twisted Tales.


The Synopsis

The Wallet

A hardcore gambler who has lost more than just money to the lure of the roulette table is sitting at a railway cafe, when he spots a wallet bulging with crisp dollar bills. It has enough to get him out of town from the vicious grip of the loan shark. Enough for him to start over in another town. What should he do?

Love to Mia

The death of her special child, Mia, brings a sense of relief and guilt in equal measures to Justine. She feels Mia never loved her as much as she loved the rest of the family. Are Justine's feelings justified? Or was there another side to Mia and a valid reason why she didn't love Justine?

The Grandfather Clock

An IT guy working in Singapore finds that his wife has left him, taking everything with her, during the same week his company lets him go. All he has in his near empty house and life now is the clock his grandfather gave him as a wedding gift. Just a regular grandfather clock. Or is it?

The Fiver

Russell, an ageing art director in Singapore has had enough of his ungrateful bosses and office politics. He wants to go back home to India and settle down. Trouble is, he has only five dollars. The five dollars his father gave him asking him not to spend it. How does Russell go back? Or is he doomed to spend the rest of his life doing what doesn't satisfy him?

The Fukushima Love Affair

Kimiko loves Kanazawa, the city she was born and raised in. But her husband Ito loves Naomi, a career-minded city girl he met on his travels. Torn between the innocence of Kimiko and the physical aspect of his relationship with Naomi, Ito gets a rude wake-up call while spending a weekend with Naomi.

The Last Meal on Haight -Ashbury

No good deed goes unpunished it would seem to the IT guy-turned-restaurateur in San Fransico's shady neighbourhood. All he wanted to do was feed a poor bum, who, instead of being grateful for the generosity, pulls a gun. Does the restaurateur survive? Or is there no point trying to be good to people?

Antique Greed

Greed is good, feels the antique lover and dealer who has just found a piece of his lifetime in a shop selling trinkets. A genuine Le Boeuf fountain pen, a first edition. After bargaining down the price, he is sure he can make a killing in the market soon. Can he?


Carlos Castigliani is distraught when he finds his young wife is cheating on him. Murder is the only way out to redeem himself and teach her a lesson, he feels. And all it takes is a phone call to set up the perfect murder. Or does it?

The Mykonos Love Story

Kelly spots an old man near the most photographed church in Mykonos. She learns that he is Stavros, and that he was an incorrigible playboy in his youth. Can Stavros teach a lesson on marital harmony to Kelly and her husband going through troubled times? 

Virar Fast

A nameless passenger commits the unpardonable crime of sitting in somebody else's seat on Mumbai's fast train. Or that's how he feels when he gets evicted from his seat. But Fate lends a helpful hand in the form of a friendly passenger who tells him how to get off at Matunga, where the train doesn't stop. His advice seems simple to follow, but Fate is not done yet with its plans.