Becoming a Kindle millionaire, made easy.

After signing up for Udemy, a fantastic site that makes learning anything from computer programming to creating your own website, easy, I was intrigued by some of the courses on self-publishing. Barring a couple of really good ones,  I discovered that a lot of them focus on becoming an overnight success as a self-published author. 

Now, if you've been in the business of writing, whether it's advertising or journalism, for a reasonable amount of time, you'll know that there are no short cuts to making money or becoming a best seller on any platform, no matter what an odd success story tells you. And an odd success story is just that, an aberration. 

But a few of the courses on the site held nothing back in goading aspiring authors to just start writing, mainly 'how-to' ebooks. Subject no bar, apparently. 'Do research, if you don't know the subject, that's what the internet is for', said a confident person in a course. I'm sure hundreds of hopefuls are right now searching for 'brain surgery in 3 easy steps' as we type/read, so they can make tons of cash. Advice is dispensed with reckless abandon and I'm quite sure it's taken with sincerity and optimism as well. 

Maybe they were targeting aspiring millionaires who wanted overnight success at any cost so they can retire in the secret millionaire's club after their first book. Someone even suggested just writing anything and getting it out there; even if there were typos, it was ok, the person declared. 

Which goes completely against established, successful authors such as King and Bradbury, who, if you read their books on writing (not 'how-to books' I might add), stress in no uncertain terms the importance of mastery over the language and  attention to detail. But these seem to be minor details to be glossed over in the age of get rich while you sleep. That's another favourite phrase these guys use, 'you know, you can make money while you sleep?'. Logic being, someone, somewhere is buying your ebook as you lie in your bed dreaming of your favourite cocktail with your favourite Hollywood heroine. But that has been happening for a long time. I don't think successful authors stay up all night, every night, wondering who is buying their books. Even the vampire book guys don't do that I suspect.

Point is, like with anything in life, you have to learn the trade, apply yourself, follow good role models in whichever field you fancy, and give 100% to just doing the job. You can resort to advertising, social media messaging, creating awareness through blogs etc, but you can't just write any drivel and expect to become a success. Even if you did, as truth is stranger than fiction and how-to books with typos, people are not going to wait with bated breath for your next ebook.

'Keep writing' is the advice great writers leave aspiring authors with, but if you are aspiring for overnight success, good luck with that.