Squarespace review, from a Squarespace page.


Well, I finally built a site with Squarespace, the Apple-sque of all the website builders. I tried them last year among others and settled for Weebly with whom I set up a couple of accounts. I found Squarespace clunky at that time but I must admit I do like it now that I've some time playing around with it. It still doesn't allow you to preview as you build your site, but it's just as easy as clicking the preview button (and ignoring blocks which still have 'write here' on them), and going back to the editing page. It's definitely a mile ahead, if not many, of any other site builder I've tried so far. Not sure about Yola somehow. I tried Strikingly, a very easy to navigate site that gives you a one-page layout. It's ideal for your first site, I think. You can even sell digital goods with Ecwid and Paypal on their platform. I would have used them if I they had been around last year when I was looking around. I'll spread the word around I guess. Meanwhile liking the look and feel of my new site (which by the way is the result of me finding a perfect name for my site ten days ago).