How to present like Steve Jobs?

Short answer, you can't. 
Long answer:
You can wear Issey Miyake blue jeans and black turtle-neck, grow a scraggly beard, wear John Lennon/Mahatma Gandhi glasses, pace up and down the stage, and even manage to say, 'And one more thing'. But you can't present like Jobs.
Simply because you are no Jobs. You don't have a groundbreaking,category-changing, revolutionary product that the audience will queue up for hours on end to buy (if you do, you can stop reading here). 
I'm writing this because I see quite a few articles on the Net handing out useful tips on presenting like Jobs. It is a bit misleading I feel. 
When Jobs presented, he often sprinkled his speech with things like, "...I am about to show you this awesome product"  or "This is the greatest yet" or "This is the best in the category" etc, he had physical proof to back up those claims. 
Unless you have industry-trend-bucking innovations in your pocket, it's a bit of a stretch to say, "You know what the little pocket in your jeans is for?" and proceed to show the iPod mini and finish off with "Now you know".
In his own words innovations like the ones he presided over, are hard to come by and if you have one, great. I'm talking about people presenting a bunch of retail ads for a furniture mart or pitching for a burger account, you honestly cannot stand up there and say you have category-breaking idea that will change the way people live and breathe. 
That doesn't mean you can't make an impressive presentation and wow your audience. Rely on your strengths, use fireworks if you have to, and do what works for you. Yes, of course you can learn a lot from his style, his delivery, his pauses, repetitions and so on but Jobs is a hard act to follow, especially when what you are presenting is not the next iWhatever. Give it a thought before you change your wardrobe.