Big Bang And The 7 'O Clock Alarm

The big bang theory states that the whole universe with its countless life forms, galaxies, various organisms and the elements sprang to life from a singularity. That moment had the potential for all the life and possibilities of a whole universe. Now, my limited knowledge of the big bang and Advaita vedanta and Sri Ramana Bhagwan's teachings led me to this thought a few days ago. 
Ramana Maharishi,a most venerable sage who had Self realization at the age of 17 and whose name is synonymous with the holy hill, Thiruvannamalai where he spent all his life, always used to ask the questioners with ther various problems and issues a simple yet powerful question: 'Who is asking the question?' 
'Who am I?' or atma vichara, was the constantly recurring theme of His teaching, which was mostly rooted in silence. On one occasion, he said that there is a moment in everybody's life when there is pure awareness, before the 'I' thought enters. That moment is in the morning, just before you wake up. 
From deep sleep to dream land and the waking stage , our life is divided into these three stages. In the Gayatri mantra, the goddess is venerated as the 'the One who illuminatesthree planes of consciousness'. Ramana Maharishi's oft repeated question ,'Did these occur to you when you were in deep sleep?' always brought the questioner back to the root of the problem. The essence of it was that we all say we slept well. But in our deep sleep not only was there no problem, no family, relatives and friends, or home or job, we did not even have our body. So who is the one now who says he or she has all these problems?
If we go back to the moment we wake up, in a micro-second, the whole universe with its multitude of life forms, including our friends and family members, and everything we see, comes to life. Instantly. 
In light of this, it might seem that there is a big bang every time you wake up. And hit the snooze button.