Ten Twisted Tales is a collection of short stories inspired by the masters of unexpected endings, O.Henry and Roald Dahl. Read on to get a peek into the Ten Twisted Tales. 

Tidal justice
Set in Thailand, it's a narrative about a frail old lady who has been pushed to the limits of her endurance in domestic violence. It opens with her confessing to murdering her crude, indifferent husband whose affair with yet another floozy has tipped her over the wall. 

Silk cotton love 
Set in Cambodia, the story weaves a magical thread of forbidden love between a star-crossed couple whose tale travels through time, from today's Siem Reap to the ancient kingdom of Cambodia.

God and the Left Hemisphere
Does damage to the left hemisphere affect a person's religious beliefs? What happens to a confirmed atheist in such a case? The story reveals the mysterious way the bearded guy in the sky works.

The clown and the teacher 
Becoming a clown is not a coveted career choice. What drove the hero from the classroom to the circus? And why does he want his former teacher dead?

A nobody in New York
The story of a chemical engineer who plans a last ditch revenge, one last tilt at the windmill, against the mega corporation he works for, the corporation that destroyed the town of his childhood. 

Babafemi and the dummy 
Set on a cruise by the banks of the Nile, the story revolves around a creative director of a multinational agency who learns about creativity from a bus boy on the cruise.

Poisoned dreams 
Rudy hates his motherland India with its third world squalour, and loves the USA, the land of cookies and blondes, of greenbacks and white skin. When he finds the job of his dreams in San Francisco, does his happiness last? Or is it poisoned by the very people he loved to imitate?

This is the story of a woman who comes to an adopting agency looking for a fair skinned boy to adopt. Is she racist?  And what makes a racist? Is there another side to it, a fairer side?

Clinical Karma
A simple middle-class electrician from a small village in India finds more than just a lucrative job in Singapore when his doctor tells him he has HIV. How does he handle it? Is there a way out for him? Or is leaving the world the only redemption?

The Last Guitar
If there is one thing Senor Segovia loves, beside his wife, it’s making classical guitars. From his little shop in Barcelona, he crafts the best handmade guitars in Spain, and the whole world. Now the time has come to make his last guitar. Will his silent dedication to the craft be recognised?